Welcome to my digital feast. Ever since I was young, I've been interested in connecting with others over warm hot meals. Sitting and talking to people for hours on end seemed all too indulgent, yet it was how I observed the way people related to food and pleasure. Over time, the theme grew loud and clear -- food culture transpires as a form of communicating love to those we care about. I have since obsessively thrown myself into learning everything I can about feeding myself and nourishing my soul. 
But everything changed the day I killed my first lobster in culinary school. I began to ask the hard questions about where my food actually came from. By combining food and storytelling, Jloeats was born out of a passion project blog I started in 2007 that sparked interest in academic research on sustainable food practices. During grad school, I needed a place to express my thoughts about my observations of an ever-changing food world. Writing became my refuge from robotically working the line six days a week at a busy restaurant. Furthermore, through that platform, I had inspired others to ask the same questions and reached a larger audience through the means of storytelling. 
Ultimately realizing that the conversation I had started was much bigger than me, I knew it was time to seek a global perspective. Thus began my travels through the east coast (New York City, Brooklyn, Jersey City), west coast (LA, San Francisco, Emeryville) and internationally (Toronto, Montreal), amounting to almost 10 years of experience working and learning from the industry's best in how to tell great food stories.
Thanks for your ongoing support through this transition and always, feel free to connect.